Welcome to the Lessons in Real Estate Show, where we show you the lessons learned from industry leaders in multifamily and commercial real estate. Our goal on the show is to fill a gap we feel is missing in the real estate world: both good and bad lessons learned. In a high-speed internet world with a firehose of educational information at your fingertips, we wanted to show that the world of real estate investing is not always sunny days…but that it pays off when you persevere through the tough times. 

I wanted to start off my giving you my background and why I saw a need for this podcast. My name is Anthony Pinto and I am an Active Duty Naval officer. I’ve been in for about 6 years and during my naval career, I’ve had some stellar life moments and some truly atrocious ones. One of my main lessons learned, however, is that I didn’t want to spend the next 15 years in a job that I did not enjoy, only rarely spending time with my family and generally living an unhealthy life. I began searching for alternate sources of income. 

When it comes to getting started, I’m a cliché. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, had my mind blown, fell in love with the thought of real estate investing and my whole world was rocked. Like many getting started, I was almost completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on real estate investing. Wading through all the books, websites, podcasts, articles, webinars and conferences was exhausting so I turned towards a mentor to guide my path.  

With that guidance, I house-hacked a quadplex, quickly followed by a purchase of a triplex and just like that my real estate career took off. But everything was not roses and sunshine. Almost immediately, we had issues with each property—some due to inexperience and some due to sheer luck. With determination, grit and a few thousand dollars, we overcame these obstacles and learned from our failures. A number of these issues could have been prevented if I had the prior knowledge or experience but like they say, "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." 

I wanted to share these hard earned lessons learned with the masses—not just from me, but from other successful individuals who have started with real estate investing, been bruised but got back up and found success. Learn from these lessons so you can avoid the same pitfalls tomorrow. With that, thanks for listening. Sit back and enjoy the podcast! 

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