John Casmon is a real estate entrepreneur, who has partnered with busy professionals to invest in close to $90 million worth of apartments. John hosts the Target Market Insights podcast where he covers multifamily and marketing insights. In addition. he is the co-creator of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, a no pitch event to connect like-minded investors. With a background in marketing, he has overseen campaigns for General Motors, Nike and Coors Light amongst others. John was even recognized by Black Enterprise Magazine as one of the “Top Executives in Advertising and Marketing”.


Take Away:

  • He moved to Chicago and bought a duplex. Two years later bought a triplex; the next year, a eight-unit building.
  • John uses his marketing background to pair deals with investors and turn them into opportunities.
  • Adding value is more than sharing posts or likes. Test the waters, put out original content and see what works.
  • Building a brand gives you confidence, credibility, connections, and shows you care.

Snapshot Round:

  1. What is your number one failure? Partnered with another developer for his first flip. Gave too much control to another partner. Always make sure your voice is heard.
  2. What is your number one success? Family pride is his success.
  3. What is your dream? My dream really is to relax and travel the world.


John’s Contact:

  1. Website :
  2. Email:
  3. Podcast : Target Market Insights
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