Chris is a pretty good friend with a sharp wit, and you'll definitely get a lot out of this episode. He will bring you a unique perspective from a pretty big guy in the property management industry and Philly, he's been doing this for more than 20 years. Chris Benedict began his career in real estate investment, sales, and management in 1997. After a decade of working with RE/MAX as a brokerage agent. Chris became a broker/owner to Big Realty and was spun off as a new company in 2012. After celebrating five years of investment and property management last 2017, the residential part of Big Realty split off and RE/MAX franchise was opened. Helping and serving the agents in the community and for residential needs. The company's business core philosophy is to become a public world class service and information source for all real estate thing. Chris enjoys all things “Disney” as well as biking, riding his motorcycle, being outdoors and spending time with his wife and business partner Stephanie and their 3 children.   

Take Aways: 

  • He started to manage his own property and because of his real estate experience, he began to managed properties of friends and families.  
  • In 1997, he started getting into the flipping game. He knew that he wanted to be in real estate from a young age and bought his first house right around 25 years old. 
  • Bypass those mistakes and learn to avoid them 
  • As real estate investors, whether you're on the property management side, you are problem solvers. 
  • Provide world class service. 
  • Issues can be solved by putting in a property manager that has the right mindset.  

Snapshot Round: 

  1. What is the number one thing you need as a new investor to get started?If you want to be a sole investor and you want to do it on your own, you would need capital. 
  2. What is one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us?Avoid staying in residential investment property.  
  3. What is your dream?Is to share with as many young people as possible that happiness will never come from the things that you own.

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