Cole West is currently an investment advisor with ABI Multifamily located in Phoenix Arizona specializing with 100+ communities. Coles background begins in property management of his family’s portfolio since middle school when his father began to acquire property. Before entering college Cole has been exposed to multifamily for 4 years in the management field overseeing his family’s assets. Fast forward, after moving to Arizona as a senior in college while working at CBRE Cole participated in forty transactions with this team in 2019.  Cole prides himself in operating with integrity as he believes it is imperative to developing true meaningful long term relationships with investors across the US.  




  • In real estate, especially in multifamily and commercial real estate, the importance is having patience and understanding.
  • Successful entrepreneurs see a long term plan than a short term plan.
  • As an investor, the more money involves, the tougher the decision is and gets more emotional.
  • The difference between large brokerages and smaller ones is the culture. 


Snapshot Round: 


  1. What is your number one failure in real estate? I would say I would say just generally speaking, a lack of due diligence.
  2. What is the number one thing that has contributed to your success? Growing up in it and, and being on both sides of it from management, you know, kind of the capital side and now kind of switching sides to brokerage for a bit.
  3. What is one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? This is something General, but it's what I learned very early on is you're not doing yourself a favor. You're giving something and expecting something in return in this industry.
  4. What is your dream? Honestly, it would be kind of to be in your position. 



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