In this episode, we welcome our fellow overseas investor, Billy Keels. We dig into his side of international real estate investment experience. He shares how he sees opportunities where others often don’t in real estate and completely shifted his paradigm. We discussed his setbacks and relationship-building tips. Stay tuned! 


In this episode, we explore: 

  • Common threads with investing overseas. 
  • How his pitfalls turned into new opportunities  
  • Setbacks in real estate 
  • Tips on overseas investors that don't know where to start
  • How to overcome the challenges in real estate investing
  • How to get over the language barrier
  • Approach to other investors
  • Techniques to find a network in different countries 
  • Finding common interest
  • Creating genuine and quality relationship
  • Key on building relationship 

About Billy Keels: 

Bestselling author, speaker, educator, entrepreneur and long-distance investor Billy Keels founded KeePon to build a bridge between investors in Europe with impressively cashflowing properties in the United States. 

Living in Barcelona, Billy conducts business in Spain while owning multifamily properties and real assets in the USA.  A seasoned professional investor, he's made mistakes, taken action to learn from them and uses those lessons as a foundation to bring more value to his investors, students and teams.  

Using many of the principles he learned first from reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad series, Billy has carved a niche for himself as a real estate entrepreneur. Using systems and strategies unique in the investing world, Billy now shares what he knows online in videos, podcast interviews and written content that is archived on his website at 


Snapshot Round: 


What is your number one failure? 

  • My number one failure in life in general is sometimes not to move fast enough. 
  • In real estate was not to do the due diligence that should have been done. I got lazy, and that laziness cost me about $22,000 and just in general, sometimes I want to continue to move faster and faster and faster. 

What is the number one thing that has contributed to your success? 

  • Team, without a doubt. That is in my corporate life, that is in my real estate business. It's without a doubt having strong, competent team members in that challenge have helped to move us forward and focus on our customers.  


What is the one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? 

  • Start before you're ready, because if you do things like I did you being putting it out there. I used to be the typical student that got everything right and rise, but sometimes it doesn't need to be 100%. It just needs to be good enough to be able to get to the next thing while you figure out it's not perfect. How do you fix it? How do you adapt it and go from there. 


What is your dream? 

  • The dream that I have every day is now to be able to number one create a future for my children that I didn't have, and ultimately, is to be able to live very freely between Spain and the United States. Being able to do that on my own time when I'm ready. And that's part of the process that I am in right now. 


If you had to pick it up all the countries you visit to, where would you recommend go travel? If you had only one country you could visit? 

  • I would say in this partly I guess this is my own influence. I really fell in love. Stuff between the Seychelles in French Polynesia. I tend to like the beaches and I like the sun and new moon maybe. 


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