Real estate investor, Syndicator and educator, Best Selling author. Tim Kelly is an active duty Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy and has been serving his country for 14 years. Now stationed on shore duty in Pensacola, Florida, he is fully pursuing his dream of owning and operating multi-family real estate and helping others realize their financial freedom goals! Tim has been investing in real estate since 2011 where he purchased his first “house-hack,” and he quickly learned the benefits of long-term buy and hold real estate were much more aligned with his goals. Through analyzing hundreds of multi-family properties, Tim has built an incredible network of real estate professionals, owns, controls, or has directly been involved in over 1,000 income producing units and looks forward to acquiring 5,000 multi-family units within the next three years. As the Financial Freedom and Syndication Chief on the incredible platform, Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI), Tim is helping active, veteran, reserve, and other military affiliated personnel realize their financial freedom goals through real estate investing. Tim is now a Senior Managing Partner of both Kelly Housing Group and ADPI Capital where he and his partners invest in and syndicate multi-family property in the affordable and workforce housing spaces with a focus on apartment communities and mobile home communities. Tim also loves playing shows and drumming with his band, seeing live music and concerts, scuba diving and traveling the world!  



-Started with a seabag of books on personal finance, personal wealth, and mindset: Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey; Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Bigger Pockets books 

-Started with a SFH “house-hack” in 2011; started delving into the real estate investing world in 2015-2016 and by 2017 had his first quad. 6 months later, Tim bought a 42 unit syndicating with a partner.  

-Learn->Network->Take Action 

-Get to know your potential partner by handing out with them and really, truly getting to know them 

-Partnerships are like marriages: you are stuck for life 

-Keys to forming the perfect Partnership: know your strengths and weaknesses then find others to fill those gaps 


Snapshot Round: 

  1. What is the number one thing you need as a new investor to get started? Know your why. Peel back 10 layers deep and know your why in your soul. Having a compass will get you through the rough times. 
  1. What is one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? Grow every single day. 
  1. What is your dream? Living it now. Doing ADPI and investing full time. Make babies and spend time with the family. 

Contact Tim: 




Phone number: 897-910-9161 

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