Mark Langdon has been investing in residential real estate since 1991. Mark continues to work full time as a Project Manager/Chemical Engineer performing project execution of engineering, procurement, and construction projects in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries and is licensed as a Professional Engineer. He has a separate (Fix & Flip) real estate investment firm, Langdon Properties LLC focused on buying distressed properties, renovating the properties and then re-selling them. Completed 12 Fix & Flips and found out that Fix & Flips are the same as a W-2 Job. Mark and his wife have high net worth from real estate holdings, mutual funds and stock portfolio which allows him access to $2.0 MM various credit lines including raising private money to finance his deals. 


  • For 27 years he has self-managed 10 rental units. 
  • October 2018, shifted to multi-family with 500 units a year. 
  • Get over your fear; change your mindset to say “I don’t know everything but I’ll figure it out.”  
  • Pick partners that are different than you because you excel in certain things, and they excel in certain others; play to your strengths 
  • Find a mentor and join a group 


  1. What is the number one thing you need as a new investor to get started? Get educated, get partners, and get over your fears. 
  2. What is one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? If you want to get started in the multifamily sector, go to meetup groups, conferences and consistently go. 
  3. What is your dream? My dream is to start giving back. How am I going to end, what can I do and how can I give back to folks?  

Mark’s Contact: 

  1. 973-464-3839 
  1. Email: 
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